The Journal Archives

Volume 131 Issue 11

  • All change…transcanal endoscopic ear surgery and house dust mite immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis
  • MicroRNA let-7a up-regulates OPN expression in a mouse model of allergic rhinitis
  • Audiological outcome of stapes surgery for far advanced cochlear otosclerosis

Volume 131 Issue 10

  • The nasal cycle 122 years on – are we any wiser?
  • Is there any relationship between right and left hand dominance and right and left nasal airflow dominance?
  • Lateral neck dissection affects the voice in thyroid cancer patients

Volume 131 Issue 9

  • Adenoids in paediatric chronic rhinosinusitis, deep neck space infections and optimising otowicks in otitis externa
  • Human papillomavirus tumour status is not associated with a positive depression screen for patients with oropharyngeal cancer
  • Choroidal thickness evaluation in paediatric patients with adenotonsillar hypertrophy

Volume 131 Issue 8

  • Getting the message across. An August bank holiday long ago
  • A comparison study of complications and initial follow-up costs of transcutaneous and percutaneous bone conduction devices
  • Hacettepe cartilage slicer: a novel cartilage slicer and its performance test results

Volume 131 Issue 7

  • The two-hit hypothesis and paraganglioma of the head and neck
  • Superior petrosal sinus causing superior canal dehiscence syndrome
  • Modiolar ossification in paediatric patients with auditory neuropathy

Volume 131 Issue S2

  • Centralised databases as a primer for research
  • Effectiveness of extensive sinus surgery with post-operative medical management for chronic rhinosinusitis
  • Rising incidence of head and neck mucosal melanoma in Australia

Volume 131 Issue 6

  • The future of British otorhinolaryngology is in safe hands
  • Evaluation of receiver–stimulator migration in cochlear implantation using the subperiosteal pocket technique: a prospective clinical study
  • Importance of a dedicated neuroradiologist in reporting high-resolution computed tomography for otosclerosis: a retrospective comparison study of 40 patients

Volume 131 Issue 5

  • Voice in T1b glottic tumours, intratympanic steroids for salvage in sensorineural hearing loss, intranasal steroids for obstructive sleep apnoea and a new procedure for post-radiation nasal stenosis
  • Autologous incus versus titanium partial ossicular replacement prosthesis in reconstruction of Austin type A ossicular defects: a prospective randomised clinical trial
  • Outcome and cost analysis of bilateral sequential same-day cartilage tympanoplasty compared with bilateral staged tympanoplasty

Volume 131 Issue 4

  • Understanding long-term outcomes requires prospective data collection
  • Enlarged vestibular aqueducts and other inner-ear abnormalities in patients with Down syndrome
  • Cost analysis of osteoradionecrosis

Volume 131 Issue 3

  • Hearing and vestibular rehabilitation, with a focus on the elderly
  • Safe balloon sizing for endoscopic dilatation of subglottic stenosis in children
  • Neurophysiological aspects of brainstem processing of speech stimuli in audiometric-normal geriatric population