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    JLO Study Day 2018

    The JLO Study Day will be held on 3rd May 2018. Please save the date. Further details, including registration details and programme will...

    Date: 3rd May 2018
    Location: Resource for London, Holloway Road, London, UK
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2nd ENT & Audiology News Study Day - The Ear & Technology

Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Doncaster, UK | Otology Neuro-otology | 10th Feb 2018

31st Politzer Society Meeting

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain | Otology Neuro-otology | 21st Feb 2018

Royal Society of Medicine: Otology: Then and Now

Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK | Otology Neuro-otology | 2nd Mar 2018

11th Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI) Meeting and TINNET conference

Regensburg, Germany | Audiology, Otology Neuro-otology | 14th Mar 2018

18th International Symposium and Workshops on Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery

Zell im Zillertal, Austria | Otology Neuro-otology | 17th Mar 2018

Temporal Bone Surgical Dissection Course

Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, USA | Otology Neuro-otology | 26th Mar 2018

4th International Symposium on Otosclerosis and Stapes Surgery

Cracow, Poland | Otology Neuro-otology, Audiology | 6th Apr 2018

Otology Update: 21st Course on Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery

Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany | Otology Neuro-otology | 9th Apr 2018

Royal Society of Medicine: Otology and Skull Base Presentation and JLO Visiting Professor

Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK | Otology Neuro-otology | 4th May 2018