Yonsei Endoscopic Ear Surgery 2020 & 7th Yonsei Acoustic Tumour Symposium

Event Location
Seoul, South Korea

Event Dates
10 Jan 2020 - 12 Jan 2020

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On behalf of the entire Scientific Committee, it is our honor and pleasure to announce and invite you to the ‘Yonsei Endoscopic Ear Surgery 2020’ in conjunction with the ‘7th Yonsei Acoustic Tumor Symposium (YEES 2020)’, which will be held on 10-12th January 2020, in Seoul, South Korea.

Endoscopic Ear Surgery(ESS) is a relatively new surgical technique which is gaining popularity and wider acceptance among the ear surgeons worldwide. Also, despite the fact that the diseases involving lateral skull base region are relatively common, many otologists are hesitant to perform the lateral skull base surgery due to its demanding surgical skills and techniques. YESS 2020 comprises both Endoscopic ear surgery and Lateral skull base surgery programs, providing the best possible experiences for the young otologists.

YEES 2020 is composed of two independent, but related programs.

‘Yonsei Endoscopic Ear Surgery workshop’ is designed to introduce the practicing otolaryngologist and senior trainee to the fundamentals of EES. All attendees will be provided with lectures from renowned speakers, along with hands-on experience of dissecting newly developed 3D-printed Ear models. The workshop will be held in the newly constructed facilities in Incheon. The course will be offered to a maximum of 24 participants.

‘7th Yonsei Acoustic Neuroma Symposium’ has been a venerable symposium in the lateral skull base field. As usual, this year’s program includes excellent scientific, technological innovations, and the most cutting-edge achievements of acoustic neuroma treatment.

Between the two programs, Live surgeries and Cadaveric demonstration of Endoscopic Ear Surgery & Lateral Skull base dissection are prepared for all attendees. For enthusiastic participants, we have arranged slots for 8 participants to join the demonstration as the dissectors, and perform their own ESS & Lateral Skull base dissection in Yonsei University Surgical Anatomy Lab.

Last but not least, various social events are organized for all attendees to enjoy. The gala dinner will take place at a luxurious Korean restaurant, filled with music and traditions.

We are looking forward to seeing you in YONSEI.