The Merseyside Rhinology-Skull Base Interface Meeting

Event Location
Alder Hey Children's Hospital, United Kingdom

Event Dates
23 Dec 2019 - 23 Dec 2019

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This meeting would be of great interest if you are working in the field of facial plastic surgery, cranio-/maxillo-facial surgery, ophthalmology, radiology, rhinology or anterior skull base surgery.

We aim to provide a friendly and conducive platform to present complex patients, difficult-to-manage cases, uncommon pathology, interesting scans, innovative surgical techniques, lessons learnt from mistakes or complications, or an opportunity to obtain a second (or third!) opinion.

Doctors of all grades are welcome to attend. No case, whether adult or paediatric, is too trivial to discuss.

We would still like you to attend this meeting even if you do not have a case to present. Come to learn, collect CPD credits, network with colleagues or share your knowledge and experience. These meetings do not intend on replacing the function of multi-disciplinary team meetings at your hospital, but may be useful if you need to discuss with colleagues from various specialities and experience level.

The programme is based around case presentations and where appropriate, lectures from invited speakers.