Surgery Techniques In Laryngology – Hands-On Workshop

Event Location
Hamburg, Germany

Event Dates
22 Nov 2024 - 23 Nov 2024

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Skill acquisition for enhanced surgical techniques in laryngology requires very specialized knowledge as well as practical training. Expertise in both can be transferred when highly experienced tutors show and share what they know and how their decision making process works with normal and with complicated cases.

With our combined workshop on phonomicrosurgery, office-based interventions and laryngeal framework surgery we selected ‘hot topics’ and basic routine surgery techniques – all to be trained and refined at our course. Lectures are given by clinical experts, complemented by live surgery, hands-on cadaver larynx dissections as well as laboratory hands-on training for skills needed for office-based interventions and fiber-guided laser surgery. All participants will have the opportunity to practise several techniques during the ‘hands- on’ parts.