Sketch Course & Anatomic Modelling For Surgeons: Head / Face Basic

Event Location
Vienna, Austria

Event Dates
15 Oct 2019 - 17 Oct 2019

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Event Cost
Physicians €690.00, Student / Residents €590.00


The »Sketch Course« and »Anatomic Modelling for Surgeons« workshops started with a great vision: to compensate for a deficit in morphologic surgical disciplines. Haptic and artistic qualities are rarely taught as subjects in their own right, although they are especially important in Maxillofacial and Aesthetic Surgery.

To Dr. Wolfgang Metka it was essential to consider Aesthetic Surgery from the perspective of an artist. He was one of the few who had studied art in addition to his classical medical education. He has learned from Kokoschka, Picasso and Szyszkowitz to experience the world through the eyes of an artist. He recognized that he has to create a synergy of disciplines in order to guarantee satisfying results for patients with the biggest chance of success as a conglomerate.

Together with Mag. Neuffer-Hoffmann, an artist and sculptor, he developed a method to overcome the primacy of the visual in order to get a threedimensional, plastic cognition to develop our senses holistically and selectively.

Recent developments and findings in plastic facial surgery and philosophy, especially cognitive research, not only scientifically prove but complete the primacy of arts in aesthetic surgery with additional aspects.