Science and the Otologist and Matthew Yung Short Papers Prize

Event Location
Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, United Kingdom

Event Dates
01 Mar 2019 - 01 Mar 2019

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Event Cost
Free for RSM members, Non-members: £5 - £70


This afternoon meeting is to compare and contrast international otology practice, as well as hear the latest otology research from UK trainees and young consultants through short paper presentations

Comparing International Practice

For the UK perspective, you will hear from Mr Peter Monksfield, a consultant ENT surgeon who specializes in disorders of the ears. He also specializes in neurotology and has expertise in managing tumours related to the inner ear such as acoustic neuromas, glomus tumours and other malignant tumours.

Peter has a strong research interest and is the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) lead for ENT in the West Midlands.

Contrasting and comparing against the UK perspective will be Dr Lawrence Lustig, chair, Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA.

He treats the full spectrum of ear disorders in adults and children, as well as skull base disease. His specialties include skull base surgery, Bone Anchored Hearing Systems (BAHS), cochlear implants, the genetics of hearing loss, cochlear gene therapy, surgery for chronic otitis media, balance disorders, and hair cell physiology.

Topics covered:

  • UK otology practice and the impact of scientific research
  • American otology practice and the impact of scientific research
  • Current research findings in otology