Phonosurgery: Laryngeal Framework Surgery and Augmentation

Event Location
Hamburg, Germany

Event Dates
20 Oct 2018 - 21 Oct 2018

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Dear colleagues,
Among phonosurgical procedures in patients with glottal insufficiency, injection laryngoplasties and laryngeal framework surgery have reached a high clinical standard.

Our hands-on workshop will offer presentations on phonosurgical techniques and how they can help to treat our patients. Lectures are given by clinical experts, including video-presentations of typical cases and demonstration of excised laryngeal dissection specimens. All participants will get the opportunity to learn the different techniques ‘hands-on’ with human excised cadaver larynges: the different approaches for injection laryngoplasty with percutaneous and endoluminal techniques, including the technique of liposuction, as well as laryngeal framework procedures such as medialization thyroplasty, arytenoid adduction, arytenoid reduction, CT-approximation.

One of the worldwide most experienced experts, Hans Mahieu, MD, from Amsterdam (Netherlands), and our staff from Hamburg will share not only professional clinical experience, but show how to perform these operations to the maximum benefit of our patients. One special focus will be the presentation of tips and tricks as well as pointing at pitfalls and learning from complications.

All participants are invited to bring own cases in a digital format for discussion of therapy options. We welcome you to Hamburg and are looking forward to seeing you in October.