Fiber-Guided Lasers In Laryngology: Hands-On Workshop

Event Location
Hamburg, Germany

Event Dates
24 Nov 2018 - 24 Nov 2018

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Event Cost
€490 until 1st October, €575 afterwards


Dear colleagues,

Among phonosurgical procedures in patients with various lesions of the larynx, fiber-guided laser surgery has reached a high level and is nowadays even considered as first choice treatment for some benign mass lesions.

Our hands-on workshop will offer presentations on different lasers, from cutting fiber-routed lasers to most modern photoangiolytic lasers. We will show how lasers work, which potential they have and how we can address individual needs during an intervention in awake out-patient cases. Lectures are given by clinical experts, including demonstrations of different laser effects on tissues as well as video-presentations of typical cases. All participants will have the opportunity to learn several techniques ‘hands-on’ with laser glass fibers and train how laser settings will lead to a maximum benefit for the intervention in the office and in general anesthesia.

With more than 10 years of daily clinical experience using fiber-guided lasers, we would like to share this knowledge with our participants during the practical course and show how to perform these operations. A special focus will be on live case presentation, on explanation of tips & tricks as well as on pointing out pitfalls and of course learning from complications. We hope that this workshop will improve our attendees’ basic skills and knowledge for laser applications, while adapting these techniques for use in the office-based as well as in the general anesthesia setting. We welcome you in Hamburg and are looking forward to seeing you at our hands-on workshop.