Cannes Otology Course

Event Location
Cannes, France

Event Dates
12 Nov 2020 - 13 Nov 2020

Event Website

Event Cost
€910 dissection, €370 observation


We have the pleasure to organize the first edition of the CANNES OTOLOGY COURSE in the Hospital Center of Cannes, France.

This course was born of the collaboration for more that 7 years with Pr Pierre Garin and Dr Nicolas Mardyla, through the annual Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course in the Anatomy Laboratory of the University Medical School of Namur, Belgium.

With the energy of the IWGEES (International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery) over the past 12 years, we have worked for the Endoscopy to have a rigthful place in the Ear Surgery world.

Whatever the exclusive endoscopic, microscopic or combined approach, the ear surgeon aims to use the best surgical approach for the patient according to his habits, his experience and with the expertise of the limits of each procedure.

This is in this way that the program of the Cannes Otology Course is structured during 2 very fruitful days, based on the permanent discussions between the participants and the teachers.

The first day will be dedicated to the broadcasting of live surgery from the operating room. The practical lectures by the experts will expose the actual procedures, indications and limits especially for the Endoscopic Ear Surgery.

The second day will be focused on dissections on embalmed high quality human temporal bones, through endoscopic and microscopic approaches for anatomy and surgical procedures.

This edition will also welcome two special guests, Pr Daniele Marchioni (Italy) and Pr Badr El Dine (Egypt) renowned experts in these fields.

The course is planned for a limited number of participants, in English and French languages, to offer a high quality of teaching and many discussions with the teachers.

The official hotel has especially been booked for the faculty, participants and sponsors, for an atmosphere propitious to calmness and relaxation.

Welcome in this first edition, in a studious and as usually friendly atmosphere !

Welcome in Cannes !