Virtual British Academic Conference of Otolaryngology 2021

Virtual British Academic Conference of Otolaryngology 2021

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Online, Online

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10 Jan 2021 - 12 Jan 2021

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The British Academic Conference of Otolaryngology has long been the event that showcases British and Irish Otolaryngology. The programme has always aimed to cover the full breath of our specialty and this has proven to be an increasing challenge in recent years due to the unprecedented development our field has experienced.

ENT today tends to be practiced along sub-speciality lines which has brought great benefits to patients. However, there is the danger of over-specialisation and fragmentation which, if it were to happen, would greatly weaken our discipline.

BACO today is thus a major general meeting with a programme that will be both engaging to the sub-specialist but that will also enable participants to learn from each other irrespective of their special interest. And the generalists among us can delight in the vast array of topics readily available to them.

In addition, we are aware that ENT today is not practiced in isolation but is part of a much wider health-care landscape which we must navigate and understand. Thus, at BACO 2021 we will invite leaders from many facets of public life including those who develop and implement the health policies that affect us and our patients. And to ensure our discussions are well-grounded, we will involve patients in our deliberations throughout the meeting.

The needs of trainees are always central to BACO and the programme will explicitly include sessions tailored for their needs.

Our strapline for the meeting reads ‘Translating Research – Transforming Lives’ encapsulates the meetings objectives. We want to draw on best research and evidence to guide our practice with the aim of advancing the care of our patients. Thus, the programme will include world-leading experts who are driving forward our field and those domains related to ours, to keep our practice right at the cutting edge. We will thus be uncompromising on the quality and excellence of our academic programme.

A major attraction for BACO 2021 is our engagement with our North American colleagues in the United States and Canada. Many of our trainees have undertaken Fellowships in North America – not only has this enhanced training but it has also resulted in life-long friendships. Thus BACO 2021 celebrates this special contribution and warmly welcomes the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery as our special partner.

BACO, however, supports the concept of medicine without frontiers and so we have extended an invitation to otolaryngology societies in Europe and around the world, who have helped shape our programme and are contributing to its delivery, wherever they practice in the world.

BACO International 2021 will be taking an exciting new form as the first ever virtual BACO conference. ENT UK’s flagship academic conference will take place online from Sunday 10 to Tuesday 12 January 2021, with full access to all sessions available until the end of June 2021. As well as avoiding the expense of travel and accommodation, delegates can enjoy a significantly reduced registration fee. The increased accessibility will open the event up to a wider field of participants, ensuring that BACO International really lives up to its name!