27th Course on Microsurgery of the Middle Ear

Event Location
University Clinic of Würzburg, Würzberg, Germany

Event Dates
23 Feb 2015 - 25 Feb 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

Microsurgery of the middle ear is one important part of our specialty. Besides classical tympanoplasty procedures, indications and special interventions for surgical hearing restoration experienced an enormous progress by the rapid development of new prosthetic and technical devices up to cochlear implantation and implantable hearing aids.

The surgical courses by the University ENT Departments of Bochum and Würzburg, established since 1988, have become an essential part in the education of starting and advanced middle ear surgeons. Based on active research and broad clinical experience these courses represent the actual state of knowledge in the field of hearing restoration.

The complete spectrum of ear surgery is presented via high definition 3D transmitted live surgery from two surgical theatres, active training is offered by standardized temporal bone exercises. Basic knowledge as well as diagnostic and therapeutic details are presented by experts.

Certainly, Würzburg offers much more than a surgical course. Take the advantage to explore Würzburg’s historical sites by visiting ancient locations and enjoy the worldfamous Franconian wine.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Würzburg and to experience a scientifically and personally enriching meeting.