38th ARO MidWinter Meeting

Event Location
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Event Dates
21 Feb 2015 - 25 Feb 2015

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Presidential Symposium:

  • Diverse Ears serving Diverse Tasks: Communicating, Moving, Learning, Deciding 

Invited Sessions Symposia:

  • Age-Related Vestibular Loss: Research Update and Setting the 5-Year Research Agenda

  • Binaural Processing and Spatial Unmasking for Bilateral, Bimodal and Single-Sided Deafness Cochlear-Implant Users
  • Cellular Calcium Signaling in the Auditory System
  • Chromatin and Transcriptional Regulation of Neurosensory Development
  • Cortical Dynamics of Human Auditory Perception: Insights from Electrocorticography (Ecog) Studies
  • Epidemiological Perspectives on Age-Related Hearing Loss: Risk Factors and Prevention
  • The Functional Organization of Human Auditory Cortex
  • The Hearing Restoration Project 
  • Mechanisms of Social Hearing
  • Neural Substrates of Music Processing: From Perception to Cognition
  • New Perspectives on Sound Exposure and Subcortical Processing: from Environmental Effects to Damaging Sounds
  • Non-Coding RNAs in the Auditory System
  • Planar Polarity and Neurosensory Development
  • The Transmembrane Channel-Like Family: Molecules, Mechanisms and Models of Mechanotransduction



  • Junior Scientist Poster Pitch Blitz Session
  • Mobile and Web Auditory Training Apps for Hearing Impaired Adults – Translational and Scientific Challenges
  • Tool Shop: Workshop for Auditory Research Software


Young Investigator Symposia:

  • Computational Modeling of Auditory Perception
  • Mechanisms in Binaural Hearing: from Synapses to Psychophysics
  • Quantifying the Influences of Internal Noise on Auditory Processing – from Neural Coding to Behavior 

ARO Public Lecture at the National Aquarium (open to the public):

  • Navigating the World through Sound: Echolocation by the Blind