American Institute of Balance V3: VNG, VHIT & VEMP Workshop

Event Location
Tampa Bay, Largo, Florida, USA

Event Dates
22 Jan 2015 - 23 Jan 2015

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This 2-day workshop will provide attendees with an in depth look at three of the most powerful vestibular assessment tools. Although VNGhas historically been at the center of vestibular examination, the addition of VHIT and VEMP offers a synergistic and comprehensive test battery. This new information offers a more efficient and efficacious means of management for the chronic dizzy patient. As we expand the scope of vestibular examination to children and athletes with sports related concussion (mTBI), individuals with chronic undetected and untreated vestibular conditions, older adults at fall risk, and as a better form of triage for those requiring vestibular rehabilitation therapy, this information will be invaluable. The workshop will provide attendees with evidence-based clinical protocols for VNG, VHIT and VEMP, integration of findings, case studies and management strategies for best practice.