55th Nijmegen Ear Surgery Course

Event Location
Nijmegen University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Event Dates
03 Feb 2020 - 07 Feb 2020

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The Postgraduate Course in Ear Surgery, held at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, deals with the contemporary concepts of etiology and treatment of chronic ear disease and otosclerosis. Moreover Bone Anchored Hearing Aids, Middle Ear Implants and Cochlear Implants will be subjects of discussion and demonstration. The course, which is given in English, includes lectures, panel discussions, televised surgery and temporal bone dissections.

Guest Faculty include: Thomas Somers, Antwerp (Belgium), Thomas Zahnert, Dresden (Germany), Per Caye Thomasen, Copenhagen (Denmark), Shakeel Saeed, London (UK) and Mauricio Falcioni, Parma (Italy).

The Nijmegen Faculty include: Emmanuel Mylanus, Dirk Kunst, Ronald Pennings, Myrthe Hol.