American Cochlear Implant Alliance Conference 2013

Event Location
Washington DC - United States

Event Dates
24 Oct 2013 - 26 Oct 2013

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Emerging Issues in Cochlear Implantation will be a symposium addressing research, clinical implications, and cost effectiveness.

Planned as an educational event for cochlear implant clinicians, educators and government officials, the symposium will explore the latest research results, discuss the clinical population, and raise questions regarding clinical implications.

Each of six 3-hour topical segments will include expert speakers from across the treatment continuum: otologists, researchers, audiologists, and (re)habilitative clinicians and/or educators of children with hearing loss.

The final hour of each segment will consist of a panel. The six topics are:Hearing Preservation / Implantation of the Very Young / Implanting Multiply Involved Children / Cochlear Implants in Single-Sided / Deafness / Hearing and General Health Outcomes in Elderly Patients / Telehealth and Cochlear Implantation – The request for poster proposals will open on/around April 15 and will be due May 30.

We especially welcome proposals on the above six topics but other important issues in cochlear implantation will also be considered. Conference and hotel registration will open May 1.

Significant conference discounts will be offered to professional and organizational members.