1st Viennese Vascular Injury Workshop

Event Location
Vienna, Austria

Event Dates
18 Jun 2019 - 18 Jun 2019

Event Website

Event Cost
Until 28th February 2019: €1,100 After 28th February 2019: €1,250


Our Faculty is led by Professor P-J Wormald who has a Rhinology interest. Professor PJ Wormald is a recognized international leader and expert in rhinology. One of his major interests has been the development of new techniques for teaching endoscopic sinus surgery anatomy and techniques. He is widely acclaimed as a teacher of excellence and is invited to lecture nationally and internationally.

The most dramatic complication in endonasal surgery is inadvertent injury to the Internal Carotid Artery (ICA) causing massive bleeding which is often fatal. This course provides the unique opportunity for ENT and Neurosurgeons to improve their endoscopic skills in surgically managing this challenging complication, and to become familiar with the haemostatic options available. Ideally the neurosurgeon and ENT surgeon would register as a team, allowing the team to develop the skills together in a cooperative fashion.

Emphasis on this course is hands-on dissection providing the opportunity to learn how to position and manage the instruments during such a challenging surgical field, and enabling vascular control.

Learning objectives

After attending this workshop, physicians will:

Acquire an awareness of the challenges an endoscopic surgeon faces when trying to manage a large vessel injury endoscopically.
Receive training in the surgical techniques that are vital for the effective management and control of the surgical field.
Experience a simulation of this challenging scenario allowing them to employ these surgical techniques in the animal model of a large vessel catastrophe during endoscopic skull base surgery.