1st Viennese Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop

Event Location
Vienna, Austria

Event Dates
19 Jun 2019 - 20 Jun 2019

Event Website

Event Cost
Until 28th February 2019: €1,700 After 28th February 2019: €1,900


Our Faculty is led by Professor P-J Wormald who has a Rhinology interest. Professor PJ Wormald is a recognized international leader and expert in rhinology. One of his major interests has been the development of new techniques for teaching endoscopic sinus surgery anatomy and techniques. He is widely acclaimed as a teacher of excellence and is invited to lecture nationally and internationally.

Learning Objective

This intensive workshop will focus on powered instrumentation in endoscopic sinus surgery and will elaborate the advantages and risks of this surgical technique. During the 2 days of workshop we will mainly concentrate the hands-on-step-by step-surgical dissection performed by the participants.

All 20 dissection places will feature:

Newest shaver technology

powered drills

Full – HD videoendoscopy including lens cleaning sytems

latest navigation systems

large variety of microsurgical instruments

and fresh-frozen anatomical specimen

Dissection will include:

Mini-FESS or uncinectomy and MMA

Powered inferior turbinoplasty and endoscopic septoplasty

Anterior approach to the maxillary sinus

Powered endoscopic DCR

Frontal recess and mini-trephine

Posterior ethmoids and sphenoidotomy

Orbital and optic nerve decompression

Spheno-palatine artery ligation

Vidian nerve neurectomy

CSF leak closure

Frontal drillout Procedure

Pre-lacrimal Approach

Modified Medial Maxillectomy