Science and otology and JLO visiting professor lecture

Event Location
Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK

Event Dates
05 May 2017 - 05 May 2017

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This session showcases two specialists at the forefront of their respective fields:

Professor Casselman has led many developments in temporal bone imaging and has radically altered how ear surgery can be practised. His contribution as a radiologist has been hugely important for otologists both at his own institution and far beyond. For this meeting he will deliver a tour of the latest diagnostic possibilities.

Professor Manohar Bance is a clinician-scientist with many areas of expertise, particularly middle ear mechanics. As the JLO visiting Professor he will demonstrate how understanding the mechanical function of the middle ear can help with ossicular reconstruction.

There will be two short papers, to conclude the competition for the Matthew Yung Short paper prize.

Please note that delegates will now need to book separately for the Laryngology & Rhinology Section session if planning to attend for the whole day.


Aims and objectives:

  • To understand how MRI and CT imaging are complementary in investigating disorders of the temporal bone
  • To understand the features of cholesteatoma on various imaging modalities
  • To understand the mechanical principles of middle ear function in healthy and diseased ears