How I Do It Two Centuries Of Experience

Event Location
Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK

Event Dates
03 Feb 2017 - 03 Feb 2017

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Seven past presidents will share their experience about how to deal with otologic problems such as closing an anterior perforation and performing ear surgery under local anaesthesia. The speakers have combined experience in excess of two hundred years and will provide useful and practical tips for difficult situations. 

This meeting will be of interest to all otolaryngologists, both in practice and in training.

Please note that delegates will now need to book separately for the Laryngology & Rhinology Section session if planning to attend for the whole day.



To review current best practise in a range of otological procedures


1. Know how to close an anterior marginal perforation, do a cartilage myringoplasty, fashion a posterior tympanotomy and meatoplasty and create a stapes-malleus assembly

2. Understand how effectively and comfortably to administer local anaesthetic for ear surgery