Simulation and Stimulation

Event Location
Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK

Event Dates
02 Dec 2016 - 02 Dec 2016

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Simulation creates a credible surgical environment in which increasingly complex scenarios can be portrayed. Individuals and teams can be trained and tested so that they are prepared for emergencies such as paediatric airway obstruction and massive blood loss.

The Paediatric Skills Course for Consultants is used as an example of relatively low tech but successful simulation.  The wider question will also be addressed – ‘does training influence practice?’

Andreas Muller has arguably the most experience of successful laryngeal pacing and will discuss stimulating the larynx either by pacing or by re-innervation are 2 approaches to the age-old challenge of bilateral vocal cord paresis. 

Jean-Paul Marie will be talking through techniques of selective re-innervation that offers great promise with laryngeal reinnervation.


Aims and objectives:

  • To discuss the possibilities of simulator training becoming the norm for surgeons as it currently is for pilots
  • To understand simulator training and learning how, once embraced, it can really develop skills
  • To discuss how restoring vocal fold function remains a challenge, and whether pacing or selective re-innervation will prove the answer, and can this be projected to the transplanted larynx


Please note that delegates will now need to book separately for the Otology Section session if planning to attend for the whole day.