Oral Medicine, Pathology and Surgery for the ENT Surgeon

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London - United Kingdom

Event Dates
15 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012

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To update ENT surgeons in the management of Oral & Maxillofacial Conditions. Topics: Orocutaneous conditions; Benign, Inflammatory & Premalignant lesions & Tumours of the Oral Cavity; Oral Manifestations of systemic disease; Halitosis & Xerostomia; Altered Taste & Pine nut syndrome; Salivary gland imaging & interventional management of salivary gland conditions; Management of the recurrently infected salivary gland & Ranulas (plunging and recurrent); TMJ dysfunction disorder & Facial pain; HIV & Upper Aerodigestive Tract pathology; Surgical management of tongue & oropharyngeal malignancy including surgical approaches.