Belgrade Balance Forum

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Holiday Inn, Belgrade, Serbia

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11 Apr 2016 - 11 Apr 2016

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Prominent instability in patients with bilateral vestibular neuropathy can also be a consequence of combined cerebellar ataxia. It turned out that these patients have also peripheral neuropathy. This syndrome was named CANVAS and was described in detail by Professor David Szmulewicz.

To what extent new diagnostic methods facilitate detection of Meniere’s disease? Are the intratympanic corticosteroid injections efficient in stopping this disease? Professor Mohamed Hamid, most experienced in applying this therapy, will share his experience with us. 

Is the vestibular migraine considered a central or peripheral vestibular disorder? It is often difficult to distinguish the patients suffering from Meniere’s disease from patients with vestibular migraine. What is the connection between those two disorders? And what is happening today with patients who were diagnosed with vestibular Meniere’s disease? An expert in this area, Michael Brevern, MD PhD, will provide us with answers to these questions. 

After the lectures, we will organize three workshops.
During the workshop on video oculography, David Szmulewicz, will show video footage of patients with central vestibular disorders. He will explain how we can locate lesion in central vestibular pathways based on nystagmus and disorders in smooth saccadic pursuit. 

How to perform canalith repositioning maneuver in different types of BPPV will be demonstrated by Michael von Brevern.

Prof. Hamid will help you to get VEMPs (Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials) on a model and he will also show how this diagnostic method contributes to establishing diagnosis of the superior semicircular cannnal dehiscence, enlarged vestibular aqueducts, Meniere’s disease . . .