The 11th Global Otology-Neurotology Live Surgical Broadcast

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09 May 2016 - 09 May 2016

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More than 30 simultaneous live operating sessions will be performed by leading otologists from their own operating room worldwide. New expert surgeons will participate to the 2016 Broadcast.

The program will again cover a wide range of procedures in the field of otology & neurotology including otosclerosis, ossicular reconstruction, cholesteatoma surgery, implantable hearing aids (BAHA, PONTO, Bone Bridge, Vibrant Soundbridge), cochlear implantation (Nucleus, MedEl, Advanced Bionics, Oticon) and neurotology.

Various indications and surgical techniques will be discussed by combining case presentation, live surgery, and panel discussion. The surgeons will explain and demonstrate their surgical techniques via the LION Network. The moderating team located in Utrecht will facilitate active discussion to encourage international exchange of knowledge and ideas in this field between the surgeons and delegates in the conference halls or via the internet using the chat room.