EAONO Mid-European Workshop Hearing the Future : Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss and Neuroplasticity

Event Location
Berlin, Germany

Event Dates
02 Apr 2016 - 02 Apr 2016

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I wish to invite you to EAONO Mid-European Meeting that will be on 02 April 2016 in Berlin. This will be a one-day meeting to explicate and dispute the progress and expectations on rehabilitation of hearing. We call the topic of the meeting as: Hearing the Future: Rehabilitation of hearing loss and neuroplasticity.

We aim to discuss and highlight the research on progress on cochlear implants, stem cells, gene treatment and drug deliveries to inner ear. There will be lectures and a panel contributed by the scientists who gave their lives to research on hearing rehabilitation.

I am sure that this meeting will be a very good occasion to discuss and inspire the future expectations on the topic. By this opportunity I wish to express my cordial thanks to Mrs. Storz, as providing the venue (Storz Training Centre – Augusta Hospital) that is a very special Learning Centre in Berlin.

We plan to have a friendly dinner following the meeting, which, your participation will make us happy.

I hope that this will be the first event of EAONO Mid European Meeting series to take place within the coming years.

Looking forward meeting you in Berlin.