12th Congress of the European Skull Base Society

Event Location
Berlin, Germany

Event Dates
26 May 2016 - 28 May 2016

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on behalf of the President of the European Skull Base Society, Patrice Tran-Ba-Huy, the Incoming President and Congress President, Robert Behr, and the entire Executive Committee of this society it is a pleasure to invite all of you to attend the 12th European Skull Base Congress which will be held in the capital city of Germany, Berlin, from May 26th-28th 2016.

The European Skull Base Society was founded in 1993 as an interdisciplinary scientific society with the aim to enhance knowledge, improve surgical and nonsurgical therapeutic techniques and promote research and education for the sake of our patients suffering from skull base diseases. From the very beginning it was clear, that cooperation among people and disciplines will be one of the keys for progress and success. Since 1993 many changes happened and many new stars appeared at the stage, neuronavigation and endoscopy just to name a few, others disappeared. However one star remained which is a prerequisite for persisting success and a main component in our armamentarium for the therapy of skull base lesions. It is interdisciplinarity founded on friendship and cooperation. The theme of the 12th Congress of the ESBS is therefore „connecting disciplines – creating success“.

The Program Committee, assisted by world leading personalities, will put together a comprehensive, interesting and exciting program to learn and discuss about the latest developments in the skull base field. We encourage all of you, neuro-, ENT-, and maxillofacial-surgeons, neuroradiologists, radio-oncologists, head-, neck- and reconstructive surgeons as well as basic researchers and all other health care professionals interested in skull base to join us in Berlin. ESBS-2016 will be the major European meeting in this field and traditionally there will come many people from outside Europe to be actively involved and feel skull base developments at the finger tips.

Berlin is a highly attractive venue, especially in springtime, its charm and character provides an unforgettable experience. Berlin is a symbol of unification, of connecting people, which is mirrored by the ESBS2016 congress theme. The variety of new and historic places and buildings, museums, cultural events and just life in the streets is unbeatable. The spirit of the “Berliner” people, their open and direct mind will be an other spice in the hot-pot which you will enjoy visiting ESBS2016 in Berlin.

We hope to shake hands with all of you and are looking forward to welcoming you in Berlin.