The Chinese University of Hong Kong ENT Conference 2015

Event Location
Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin, Hong Kong

Event Dates
12 Dec 2015 - 13 Dec 2015

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It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the Chinese University of Hong Kong ENT Conference 2015 which will be held in Hong Kong on 12-13 December 2015. This is a 2-day scientific meeting with a theme on “Contemporary Approach in Laryngology, Voice and Dysphagia”. This is the first time our conference themed on these subspecialties under Otorhinolaryngology and we have a mission to cover the most updated concepts in pathophysiology, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects in laryngology, voice and dysphagia. There will be keynote lectures, scientific sessions, panel discussion and free papers presentation. 

A 2-day pre-conference workshop in “Voice Rehabilitation and Phonosurgery” will be held on 10-11 December. It focuses more on practical management in different voice pathologies including voice training and phonosurgical techniques. Hands-on experience on laryngeal framework surgery, injection techniques of BOTOX and fillers, arytenoids adduction, laser excision and other airway surgery are provided in practical sessions using fresh pig’s larynx. There is also another practical session on stroboscopic examination of larynx to give participants an opportunity to perform the endoscopic examination under supervision by the faculty.

Another workshop on “Fiberoptic Endoscopic Examination of Swallowing” will be held on 14-15 December, and it provides an opportunity for participants to understand different pathophysiology in dysphagia, assessment of swallowing using video fluoroscopy and fiberoptic endoscopy, as well as the different rehabilitation programmes to treat dysphagia and the surgical treatment options. There is also a hands-on session on practice fiberoptic endoscopy to examine the larynx under supervision by experienced instructors. It is an ideal workshop for those clinicians and speech therapists who are interested in setting-up a practice in “Swallowing Medicine”. This swallowing workshop provides a continuum of the session in “Contemporary Management in Dysphagia – A Multidisciplinary Approach” on Day 2 of main conference. Both voice and swallowing workshops incorporate lectures, video presentations and case discussions on more practical aspect in voice and dysphagia management.

We are pleased to have many internationally renowned ENT surgeons and speech therapist, together with local speech therapists, ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons, GI surgeon, gastroenterologist, geriatrician, oncologist, and radiologist to share their experience in the conference and workshops. The official language of the meetings is English. Please do not miss the opportunity to join this comprehensive educational and academic event.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on 10-15 December in Hong Kong.