RhinoForum 2015

Event Location
Warsaw, Poland

Event Dates
27 Nov 2015 - 28 Nov 2015

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It is my pleasure to present the program for RhinoForum 2015. I have been organizing this international conference for 12 years together with members of the Polish Rhinology Society.

This year’s program is so varied that I am confident everyone will find something of interest.

The nowtraditional Giants of Rhinology session will be led by Prof. Daniel Simmen, Doz. Hans Rudolf Briner (Switzerland) and Prof. Martin Desrosiers (Canada). To make it more interesting, the session will comprise not only lectures, but also interactive tasks: the participants may be asked what procedure they would personally choose in a given case. Prof. Daniel Simmen excels in conducting such workshops, and his questions are not always easy to answer.

Another area is Pediatric Rhinology, which has grown in importance. Prof. Elzbieta Hassmann-Pozna?ska has invited eminent pediatric rhinologists who, as I hope, will share with us their experience in clinical practice. 

Rhinology Miscellany is addressed at non-surgeons. The lecturers shall include renowned Polish experts on allergology, pediatrics, microbiology and ENT. I am unable to select ”the most interesting session”, but I am happy to see Professor Pawe? Str?k’s ”Post nasal drip – an ENT specialist nightmare” seminar on the program, since this issue is an everyday problem in our work. 

At the ERS conference in Geneva the huge ”Expert queries” board contained only one slip of paper with the question: ”How to treat post nasal drip?”. No comments necessary! Other sessions include, as before, Rhinoplasty Masterclass, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop, Invited Lecture and Free Papers Session. All of them allow the participants to meet interesting, highly experienced lecturers and exchange opinions. After all, the name of the conference is RhinoForum! 

For the fourth time we shall also present the Sleep Apnea and Snoring for ENT Surgeons seminar, which draws more and more participants on an annual basis.
As in previous years, it will include the best experts on the topic.

I hope that I have encouraged you to participate in Rhinoforum 2015. Please be aware that these two days will be ones of hard work, both for the lecturers and the participants. I’m convinced though that it’s worth to make this effort, and when it is over, I would like to invite you to dinner in the beautiful ?azienki Park.