Osseo 2015

Event Location
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Event Dates
20 May 2015 - 23 May 2015

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It is my great pleasure to announce to you the site and dates for Osseo 2015. The meeting will be hosted in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The site is majestic and the venue is world class.

As you know well, the field of bone conduction hearing continues to grow. From what used to be a small group of people working on a small set of options, we have now grown tremendously in numbers and the technology choices continue to expand. 

With growth there is always a period of learning. There is much we don’t yet understand about new technologies and how useful and beneficial they are. There is also a great deal about existing technologies that we may think we understand but perhaps don’t understand as well as we wish. There is a confusion in our field about what to measure and how to best capture the needs of the patient. 

It is in this spirit that we propose the following theme for Osseo 2015: “What do we know? What do we think we know? What do we wish we knew?”

These are exciting times. We at iRSM are looking forward to bringing you together to answer these important questions.