Intermediate Skills in ENT

Event Location
Royal College of Surgeons of England, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, UK

Event Dates
20 Jul 2015 - 21 Jul 2015

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This is an overarching ENT course enabling trainees to be competent in the operative management of patients presenting with the following key conditions:

  • Adult upper airway obstruction
  • Voice disorders
  • Airway disorders
  • Sore throat and tonsillitis
  • Cutaneous lesions of the head and neck
  • Hearing loss
  • Ear discharge
  • Otalgia

By the end of the course participants will:

  • be able to perform an appropriate range of otological procedures (on animal models and human temporal material);
  • be able to perform intermediate level open surgical procedures on the neck and advanced endoscopic procedures on the upper aerodigestive tract;
  • be able to perform endoscopic rhinological procedures and septal/rhinoplasty techniques (on animal models);
  • understand the risks of surgery and the consent procedures for each subspecialty.

As the course covers all aspects of subspecialty ENT training, it will allow trainees to take back to their unit a range of skills which can be directly applied to the technical demands of their general or subspecialist training unit/firm. There is also correlation between some of the procedures practiced on the course and the ISCP PBAs (procedure based assessments) for otolaryngology at the intermediate and final stages of training.