30th Politzer Society Meeting

Event Location
Nigata, Japan

Event Dates
30 Jun 2015 - 03 Jul 2015

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On behalf of the local organizing committee, it is both an honor and a pleasure to announce the convening of the 30th Politzer Society Meeting in Niigata, Japan, from June 30 to July 3, 2015. The 1st World Congress of Otology is also slated to be held at the same time.

Our primary objective for the meeting is to bring together up-and-coming researchers to present and actively discuss up-to-date research results from the fields of otology and neurotology. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than to see the new insights obtained at this meeting applied clinically and to future research.

With a population of approximately 800,000, Niigata City is the largest city on the Sea of Japan side. Directly facing the Sea of Japan, it is calm and beautiful city, through which the longest river in Japan (the Shinano River) runs. Niigata is also known as a treasure trove of delectable foods ranging from fresh seafood to delicious, high-grade rice and Japanese sake (rice wine). Early July is the most pleasant month of the year in Niigata, and I am certain that participants of the meeting will enjoy a comfortable stay there.

The local organizing committee is committed to make this meeting a memorable one for all participants. We truly hope that as many of the members of the Politzer Society as possible will be able to join us in Niigata in 2015.