Endoscopic Ear Dissection Course

Event Location
National University Hospital, Singapore

Event Dates
11 Apr 2015 - 12 Apr 2015

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On behalf of the organising committee, we will like to invite you to the inaugural NUH Endoscopic Ear Dissection Course 2015. Endoscopic ear surgery is now a reality with HD camera systems. The view that the HD endoscope gives the otologist is now superior to that possible with the microscope. This view has superior clarity and is able to give a wider perspective than that given by an operating microscope. Angled scopes allow the otologist to look around corners and may reduce the rate of residual disease in cholesteatoma surgery. This approach is fast catching on around the world and many centres are now conducting endoscopic ear surgical workshops.

This two-day course is organised by the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, NUH. The course comprises of lectures and hands-on fresh cadaveric dissection using endoscopic equipment and otologic surgical instruments. It is conducted in the state of the art advanced surgical training centre at NUH using HD endoscopes. The course will cover the endoscopic anatomy of the temporal bone, imaging of the ear, endoscopic surgical management of the middle and inner ear.

Our international faculties are Dr Daniele Marchioni and Professor Seiji Kakehata. Dr Daniele Marchioni from the University of Modena, Italy. He is a leading instructor for endoscopic ear surgery and has taught in many courses. Professor Seiji is from the Yamagata University, Japan. He is the course director for the Yamagata Endoscopic Ear Surgery Seminar.

The emphasis of the course is for otolaryngologists who wish to start performing otologic surgery via an endoscopic approach. The local faculty will share their experience with this approach.