Clinical Updates in Vestibular Disorders

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Holiday Inn, Belgrade, Serbia

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30 Mar 2015 - 30 Mar 2015

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How often do you prescribe vasodilators to patients with vertigo? Do they improve when you see them at the follow-up? How often are the circulation problems the cause of vertigo?

How can you know if the acute vestibular syndrome is caused by peripheral (vestibular neuritis) or because of central (stroke) vestibular deficit?

Can a clinical picture of Meniere’s disease be a symptom of preceding AICA infarct?

Vestibular migraines often cause vertigo. What are the criteria for making this diagnosis and what is the therapeutic protocol?

CANVAS: Cerebellar atrophy, bilateral vestibulopathy, and peripheral neuropathy. Do they appear together by chance?
What does the nystagmus look like at an inferior vestibular neuritis? Is VEMP the only way to prove this diagnosis and how much can we trust the diagnostics?

Can BPPV mimic a more serious vestibular pathology? How often do we see patients with both central and peripheral vestibular deficit?

Positional nystagmus – is it always BPPV? How often do you see unusual form of positional nystagmus and atypical forms of BPPV?

What is an otolith syndrome? How is this diagnosis made and how is it treated?

Perilymph fistula is often misdiagnosed. When to suspect this diagnosis and how to be sure if the patient has it?