19th International Voice Workshop

Event Location
Paris, France

Event Dates
27 Mar 2015 - 28 Mar 2015

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This international workshop is designed to present and to share state of the art information on voice of interest to otolaryngologists, speech pathologists and scientists. The workshop covers from physiology, pathology of dysphonia to Phonosurgery, from the molecule to the voice handicap index, from the embryology to the adult and aged vocal. The delegates will improve their basic, and expand their familiarity with the State of the treatment in Voice care Knowledge. Furthermore, the innovation session will highlight the cutting edge in Laryngology and what we may expect from the future in our field: New Laser technique, the management of a dysphonic patient from the stroboscopic exam to the high speed laryngoscopy, from the new H.D.fiberscope to the fluorescence. Two different aspects of the voice field will be developed: the didactic approach on Friday and the practical aspect on Saturday.

The topic this year is outstanding : we will talk about the medical and surgery cell treatment of the scar of the vocal cord from the “growth factor” to the “injection of the stem cells” and also the surgical treatment.