Surgical Pediatric Otolaryngology, 2nd edition

Review by K Blackmore

When Liam asked me to review this book, I jumped at the chance. The first edition, published in 1997, was very out of date, and paediatric ENT was crying out for an updated surgical textbook.

The 42 chapters are divided up into 8 sections: ear; nose; nasopharynx, oral cavity and oropharynx; endoscopic sinus surgery; neck; salivary glands; endoscopy; and facial trauma. Each operative procedure has a structured layout of: indications for surgery, pre-operative evaluation, operative technique and complications. These are accompanied by black and white line drawings.

The operative technique descriptions are all clear and concise, and serve as a good reference guide. However, I would really liked to have seen some additional tips or pitfalls provided by the authors for each procedure.

I have to admit that I was disappointed with the illustrations in this new edition. Whilst the black and white line drawings are easy to follow, I do think the book could be significantly improved with better illustrations, especially as we are now in the digital era.

There have been some obvious additions: endoscopic surgery and balloon laryngoplasty, to name but a couple. However, some of the surgical techniques appear a little outdated; for example, curettage as first-line management for atypical mycobacteria.

On a positive note, the operative techniques are simple and easy to follow, and would serve as a good grounding for trainees. Nevertheless, overall, I am disappointed by the dated style of the latest addition.

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