Skull base cancer imaging: the practical approach to diagnosis and treatment planning

Review by K Khan
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Skull Base Cancer Imaging is another multidisciplinary, multicentre volume of work. It is a comprehensive textbook and atlas, covering not just cancers but other lesions mimicking cancers of the skull base. Other books are available for skull base imaging and head and neck radiology, but this is the only title dedicated to skull base cancer imaging.

This textbook is written as a practical guide and covers the subject in a relatively concise 288 pages divided into 8 sections: (1) Anterior Cranial Fossa, Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses; (2) Sellar, Parasellar and Clival Region; (3) Cerebellopontine Angle and Jugular Fossa; (4) Petroclival and Lateral Skull Base; (5) Open and Endoscopic Approaches to the Sinonasal Cavity and Skull Base; (6) Post-treatment Appearance Following Skull Base Therapy; (7) Neuroendovascular Procedures for Skull Base Neoplasia; and (8) Cross-sectional Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Atlas of the Skull Base.

There are more than 400 radiographs, colour anatomical drawings and intra-operative photographs. Section 8 covers the entire skull base anatomy with cross-sectional axial, coronal and sagittal computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans.

I find that radiology textbooks make anatomy accessible and enjoyable, and this title is no different. Detailed anatomy of each region starts the section, followed by a description of neoplasms that can arise in those locations. Important critical imaging features of the lesion are discussed, which influence staging, prognosis and treatment options. The unique selling point of this book is that the treatment protocols are evidence-based and up to date with references. Reading these critical and contrasting explanations of treatment options gives the feeling of being at a functioning and dynamic multidisciplinary team meeting.

This book is primarily written for radiologists, but I would recommend it to trainees in otolaryngology and neurosurgery. If you are planning to buy a textbook on skull base anatomy or radiology, this is it.

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