Recent Advances in Otolaryngology: Volume 9

Review by L M Flood
Middlesborough, UK

This is a book that needs a prompt review, I immediately thought. Anything entitled “Recent Advances” runs the risk of rapidly becoming obsolescent, but this should stand the test of time. Using the wonders of Google and Amazon, I discovered an 8th Edition featuring, amongst others, our own David Moffat. I also discovered a very similar title, from the same industrious publishers (2014). This is “Recent Advances in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery” (Lalwani and Pfister) but now as Volume 3. Confused? At 383 pages this latter is more substantial effort, possibly more clinically based, but similarly priced. I must get a copy!

This Sudhoff / Bhutta textbook is a handy sized paperback, concentrating more on the basic science and laboratory research. Optical Diagnostics in Head and Neck Cancer and Medical Treatment of Vascular Anomalies were personal favourites. Stem Cells and PET CT in head and neck cancer I had thought almost mainstream topics, but the two chapters proved me wrong. Superior canal dehiscence syndrome I never tire of, having spent years doubting its very existence. Balloon dilatation of the Eustachian tube should work and put otologists out of business, but the jury is clearly still out until the evidence base improves.  Hair cell regeneration and tissue hypoxia in chronic otitis media proved thought provoking topics. Middle ear implants meet few sceptics nowadays, but vestibular implants clearly have some way to go before they become “Recent Advances” clinically.

This is an inexpensive, well-illustrated, book, with an interesting selection of topics. The chapter list reads like a programme for a meeting of our much loved ORS, the Otolaryngology Research Society. The many authors have consistently addressed the challenge of the claim “Recent” and “Advances” and produced something of value to both the trainee and the “mature” senior, who seeks to stimulate the grey cells occasionally.

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