Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist

Review by V Veer

Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist and its companion Practical Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery are sister textbooks written by eminent Michigan Ear Institute surgeons. The style and format of these books are very similar, and complement each other well with regards to content. For this reason, they have been reviewed together.

The materials used in both these books are excellent: the sturdy hardback covers, the high quality, glossy, full-colour pages and the pin-sharp image reproduction quality combine to give a superb first impression. The books are also, reassuringly, not enormous volumes, allowing one to believe that they could actually be read rather than ending up as a geeky doorstop.

Practical Otology for the Otolaryngologist is the larger of the two sisters, weighing in at 344 pages, compared with the 208 pages of its neurotology sibling. There are standard chapters on clinical evaluation of patients; the book is then divided into external through to inner ear pathologies. Interestingly, the facial nerve and another section on temporal bone dissection are included. The dissection chapter seems slightly out of place, but a welcome addition, to round off a textbook of this kind.

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