Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants

Review by Y Ramakrishnan
Northern Deanery, UK

The author and editors have done a superb job with this book. What I particularly liked was that it is pitched perfectly both for those with little cochlear implant experience and for more experienced readers who would like an overview of the subject. For those from an ENT background, the detailed audiological measures related to cochlear implants have traditionally been seen as the domain of audiological scientists. What this book does is to invite the inexperienced reader to understand the basic science, non-physiological objective measures and physiological measures, in a very simplistic manner. Various figures are used to illustrate concepts and results in each chapter, adding to the overall readability of the book. Key concepts are also summarised at the end of every chapter. Despite the relatively short chapters, the reader does not come away feeling short-changed. In fact, it simply whets one’s appetite to complete the rest of the book. I feel this book is a great reference to have. Especially at the price of £59.95 (cheaper on Amazon), it is a must for those who truly want to understand more about cochlear implants.

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