Image-Guided Surgery: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications in Otolaryngology

Review by B Ram
Aberdeen, UK

Both authors of this text are experts in their respective fields. This is a well-presented book that comprehensively covers all aspects of image-guided surgery. It is nicely written, flows well and is easy to read.

It takes off nicely, with a detailed description of the history of imaging, starting from X-rays and progressing to image guidance. It then moves on gently, systematically and methodically, covering in detail the physics and principles of imaging and the principles underlying image-guidance systems, and describes what each guidance system can deliver. It also discusses various types of image guidance, including their advantages and disadvantages. It lands softly, discussing various clinical applications of image guidance, before concluding with the latest developments in image guidance.

I feel this book will be very useful to trainees and consultants in otolaryngology, neurotology, rhinology, skull base surgery and neurosurgery, or bioengineering students. The cost of image guidance is being reduced, the systems are more user-friendly nowadays and it is being increasingly used in the above fields. Trainees and consultants wanting to purchase and use this technology in their clinical practice should first learn and understand the principles of image guidance. They need to understand when to use these systems, how to use them, what to gain from which guidance systems and how to make use of their full potential. This book covers all these aspects in a very nice way. The physics bit can be a bit dry for some, but I still think it is useful to understand the basics and get the foundation right.

Overall it is a good book to have in your office.

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