ENT Infections: An Atlas of Investigation and Management

Review by K Ah-See
Aberdeen, UK

This new, slim, hard-backed atlas has truly been published to the highest standard.

So often, one reads atlas-type books in which the pictures are of questionable quality. Well, not in this case. The authors, two ENT consultants from Newcastle, UK, have reproduced pictures of the highest quality. In addition to full-colour clinical pictures, the authors have thoughtfully included peri-operative photographs and shots of other useful items, such as various types of swab used for different cultures. Perhaps the picture of a long thumbnail was not completely necessary in order to drive home the message of trauma in the aetiology of otitis externa! One picture of a patient undergoing aspiration of a quinsy, however, clearly captures the discomfort of the moment.

The book is 110 pages long with a high quality, glossy finish. The chapters cover virtually all aspects of ENT infection, from otitis to neck space infections. Introductory chapters on ENT examination will come in handy for all trainees and medical students, as will the chapters on microbiology and principles of anti-infective therapy.

A final chapter on tropical infection completes this book wonderfully.
As well as the clarity of the clinical pictures, I also liked the practicality of this book. It is well written and includes tips on management which all trainees will find useful. Buy it!

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