Head and Neck Cancer – Treatment, Rehabilitation and Outcomes (2nd Ed)

Review by K Ah-See
Aberdeen, UK

This excellent book encompasses many aspects of the management of head and neck cancer that are often overlooked, or only mentioned briefly in other texts. That may be because its editors are highly experienced speech and language therapists, with a significant background in head and neck cancer research. The book has a healthy mix of surgeons, speech and language therapists, dieticians, oncologists and researchers, who deliver a comprehensive text on their range of topics.

This hardback book consists of over 600 pages, printed on glossy, high quality paper, and its production is of a high standard, although the review copy did have the very occasional page with blurred text. However, the quality of the numerous colour photos and diagrams is excellent. There are 20 chapters covering various aspects, including a detailed section on the evaluation of the impact of cancer from both a quality of life as well as a functional point of view. It is well referenced throughout, with emphasis on the need for evidence-based practice. The chapters on voice and swallowing assessment and management are particularly informative, and I think all trainees would find these very pragmatic chapters a great help in understanding these areas of care. The chapter on stoma care is extremely well written, and includes numerous clinical pictures to help understand the various problems that patients may face in caring for a tracheostomy. The chapter on the use of technology in the management of head and neck cancer patients introduces some interesting ideas regarding technology utilised for assessment and treatment in more rural communities. The later chapters in the book, covering the topics of survivorship and return to work, are novel and helpful for their emphasis on a holistic approach to patients, not just during but also after their treatment.

Overall, this is a really useful book, for both reference and teaching purposes, for clinicians of all levels of experience working within the field of head and neck cancer.

One slight disappointment is the accompanying digital video disk. This would be an excellent resource for training purposes, but both image and sound quality could be better, as some of the videos are quite old and not very clear.

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