Endoscopic Ear Surgery: Principles, Indications and Techniques

Review by A Banerjee
Middlesborough, UK

This is a book I have been waiting for quite a while to arrive. The title says ‘Principles, Indications and Techniques’ and that this is exactly what the book delivers.

The initial chapter is written by my good friend David Pothier and sets the tone of the book. The chapter is well written, accompanied by some excellent photographs and line diagrams; later in the book the text is accompanied by some excellent videos.

There is an excellent section on embryology. The stages of middle ear development and nuances of endoscopic middle ear anatomy are discussed clearly. There is a very good section on applied anatomy, in the section on the ventilation pathophysiology of the middle ear and its importance in the development of middle ear pathology.

The surgical section covers basic middle ear surgery, from tympanoplasty to more involved surgery for cholesteatoma. There are a couple of sections on more complex surgery for middle ear neoplasms, access to the inner ear and petrous apex, obviously meant for the more experienced surgeon. It was a pleasant surprise to find that these sections were accompanied by high quality and well edited videos of surgery, it is a good taster of what endoscopic ear surgery can achieve.

I believe that endoscopic ear surgery is the new frontier and that it is here to stay, rather than a passing fad. This volume does a lot to demystify this relatively new subspecialty.

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