Better Hearing with Cochlear Implants: Studies at the Research Triangle Institute

Review by Y Ramakrishnan
Northern Deanery, UK

This book focuses on studies related to cochlear implants (and to a lesser extent auditory brainstem implants) performed at the Research Triangle Institute over two decades. By doing so, it provides the reader with an insight into how this field has evolved, culminating in the modern cochlear implant (CI). Four major lines of investigation are followed: design and evaluation of novel processing strategies; electrical stimulation on both sides with CIs; combined electric and acoustic stimulation of the auditory system; and representations of temporal information with CIs. What strikes me about this book is that it reads like a compilation of reports or publications, rather than a standard textbook that aims to give an overview of CIs. Indeed, there are a lot of unpublished data that may be of interest to certain readers. A detailed analysis of each subject and processor type is presented very clearly, using various figures. The in-depth explanation of the various processing strategies is really pitched at readers who are well versed in this subject (not so much ENT surgeons making their first foray into this area). A summary at the end of chapters is a rarity rather than the norm,which is a shame. This book beautifully distils the experience at the Research Triangle Institute. I do not feel it is a starter text for someone wishing to learn about CIs. Priced at over £100, you would need a strong reason to buy this book over other, cheaper alternatives.

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