Atlas of 360 Degree Skull Base Surgery

Review by L Flood
Middlesborough, UK

The two editors of this book have gathered an international group of contributors, largely Indian based, but with considerable input from Malaysia also. The 360 degree of the title refers to the many different routes to exploration of the skull base, whether transnasal and endoscopic, transtemporal, trans-orbital or the traditional open approach. It also highlights an evolution in traditional practice, which required collaboration of three separate teams, the Rhinologists, the Neurotologists and the Head and Neck Surgeons. The editors admit that this division is still widespread internationally, but is gradually being replaced by highly specialised individuals who can tackle the entire range of “360 Degree Skull Base Surgery”.

As an atlas it has nearly 3000 very high quality colour illustrations, but also an excellent wide-ranging text packed into over 1000 pages. The result is a very substantial and impressive book.

The content is divided into 29 Sections ranging from pituitary gland tumours through to Rehabilitative Surgery. For each pathology and site of disease the authors offer a nice step-wise description of every conceivable surgical approach. Operative images are superbly reproduced and are of a sensible and uniform size. What is remarkable is the breadth of topics addressed. One expects juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, vestibular schwannoma, or skull base defects to feature prominently in any work on skull base surgery, but what does impress is the coverage of otologic topics such as surgery of vertigo, facial neuroma or hearing restoration, with bone-anchored hearing aids or cochlear implants.

This is truly a comprehensive review of every possible lesion, approach or diagnostic technique and it extends well beyond the bounds of what is traditionally termed “skull base surgery”. It has an obvious appeal to our readership, but there is much to attract oculoplastic, neuro and maxillofacial surgeons and trainees also.

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