Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

Review by S Watts
Brighton, UK

Peter Lohuis is one of the rising stars of European and world facial plastics. Thus, it stands to reason that any tome he publishes will be a very considered piece of work, with a lot of thought put into the detail. This book delivers exactly that, a thought-provoking take on rhinoplasty.

It’s not ideal for the beginner surgeon, as there is an underlying thread that assumes you know what you are doing, but it’s a fabulous reference text for anyone wanting to check or, hopefully, reassure themselves that they are doing the right thing! It has the usual ingredients of a good, solid reference text, with copious good quality images and diagrams, and sections that cover the usual rhinoplasty ‘staple diet’ of analysis, function, dorsum, tip, materials, complications, etc., etc., etc. There is also a refreshing approach to each subsection, as the information is appropriate but is presented in a bullet format, keeping the subsections concise and thus holding the reader’s interest.

What sets this book apart from a lot of other publications are the unusual sections addressing the rhinoplasty learning curve (chapter 1) and the Utrecht Questionnaire (chapter 10), and the chapter on special problems (chapter 11), where patients at different ends of the age spectrum, and those with skin disease, are dealt with.

For those surgeons who practice rhinoplasty and want a book that is well written, beautifully illustrated, but, above all, provides food for thought, then this is definitely the book for you!

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