JLO Developing World Virtual Issue

JLO Developing World Virtual Issue

JLO Developing World Virtual Issue



Guest Editors: Johan Fagan (Cape Town) and Nicholas Stafford (Hull)

JLO Editors: Robin Youngs and Edward Fisher

The term ‘global health’ refers to the health of populations in a global sense, in that it transcends national borders. The underlying premise is an attempt to achieve equity in health care for all of the world’s people. Of course, the present state is far from this ideal, with huge inequalities existing, from the extremes of no health care access for some versus wasteful over-investigation and over-treatment for others. The global health stage has been dominated by communicable diseases, such as human immunodeficiency virus infection, malaria and tuberculosis, and the issues of maternal and child health. As a result, ENT and head and neck disorders have received little attention, despite being major public health concerns. According to the World Health Organization, ‘[t]he conditions that affect the largest number of individuals at any given moment are not dramatic, and are thus easily overlooked and underestimated’. Deafness is the world’s commonest disability and has profound effects. Head and neck cancer is a major problem in poorer countries where tobacco and alcohol consumption is on the increase. Disease often presents at a late stage, and there are economic barriers to diagnosis and treatment. The Journal of Laryngology & Otology has always had an international outlook and continues to be aimed at the ENT community as a whole. 

These Virtual Issues combine both newly commissioned Global Health-themed material, along with some of the papers available from the vast JLO Digital Archive (available free to current subscribers of the journal). The Archive provides a readily available resource for ENT practitioners worldwide, enabling access to a huge database of articles relevant to the global health agenda and its ENT perspective.

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