JLO New Website Launch

JLO New Website Launch

This website will slowly evolve to cater for it’s visitors.  We hope to provide videos, podcasts and other types of media to interest and educate visitors in ENT related subjects.  We hope that this content will lead to CPD points in the near future.

We will also develop the JLO calendar and make this a resource that ENT professionals will use to find courses, events, meetings, conferences etc.  If you know of a course that is not on the website, please either add it using our online program, or inform us, and we will do this for you.

We hope to develop a list of fellowships and other training posts from around the world.  If you know of a fellowship that needs to be advertised for free, please let us know.

The book review section has now been made free to view, and if you would like to buy the book on amazon, we have provided a direct link for each book.

Other useful resources will be added to the website, such as forums, polls, review articles for free, access to selected archive articles etc.  Let us know if you have any ideas that will make this website somewhere you would want to come back to.

and thank you for visiting the new JLO website.